Finding the balance

Peppa Pig World

It’s Peppa!!!

I know I said this last time but sorry for not blogging! I have the same problem as every working mum of just not having enough time. I’m trying to find a balance and it’s hard. I recently took a fancy new job – something I’ve wanted for a while – with full time hours. The office is close to home and I work compressed hours to finish at lunch times on a Thursday but still, it’s a lot. I miss the Queen. She’s a such a lovely age where she is a joy to be around – I say that as a working mum, I’m sure as a full-time mum I would have a different story but again, it all comes down to balance.

Daddy Pig's car ride

Driving fast like Daddy Pig

I do feel though that I’m at a stage of my life (and the Queen’s life) where she comes first and my problem is wanting it all. So I’m looking at taking a step back. My favourite thing in the world is to spend time with my little family doing fun things that we all enjoy. Before I started the new job, we took a trip to Peppa Pig World which was amazing. Honestly, I would recommend it to anyone who fancies a long weekend away in the UK. We’re in Edinburgh and so flew with Flybe directly into SouthHAMton (see what I did there?) and hired a car.

The Queen at Peppa Pig World

Loving life at Peppa Pig World

We stayed at a brilliant holiday resort called Sandy Balls (really) and even managed a trip to Stonehenge. Seeing the Queen’s little face when she saw Peppa in the flesh (well, not flesh really but that felt stuff she’s made of) made me well up. She was so excited and it was the best thing in the world to see. That trip feels like years ago but it was only October. I know it’s early for New Year’s Resolutions but for 2018, I want more trips like that. I want less time working and more family time. It’ll take a bit of time but my mission is to find the balance.


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