Please sleep like a baby!

Whoever says, ‘I slept like a baby’ has clearly never had one. Either that or they’re one of those annoying parents whose children are ‘good sleepers’. Don’t you just hate them? The Queen has never been a good sleeper and adults are weirdly obsessed by this. Honestly, whenever I meet a new person and tell them I have a young child, the very first thing they ask is ‘is she a good sleeper?’ To this I usually say, ‘no, she’s crap’ and hope that this kills the conversation and luckily for me, it usually does.

I couldn’t tell you why she’s not a good sleeper, she just isn’t. She gets to a certain point during the night where she just decided to wake up and will scream the house down until we cave and let her climb in bed with mummy and daddy. Most days our cat spends more time in the cot that she does.

I don’t mind this arrangement too much (I do enjoy the cuddles) but it would be nice to get our own space back and so we decided to really go for it with a set routine. We’ve always done the bed and bath routine but usually she’s keen to play around in her pjs for ages instead of snuggling down to hear a story. Recently though, we’ve found that she’s really taken to books so I think (hope, pray) that the routine is finally working. Parenting expert, Jo Frost (aka Supernanny) , has recently launched her Bath, Book, Bed campaign with the Book Trust and this highlights the simple steps to a better night’s sleep. For the last couple of nights, we’ve been following these steps closely and the ‘crap’ nights are slowly turning into ‘alright’ nights – a vast improvement. One of the Queen’s favourite books is Mog the Forgetful Cat. We now read it to her every night and she insists on cuddling her Mog soft toy when we do. It’s so lovely to see her still clutching Mog when she wakes up in the morning (4am totally counts as morning). We still have a way to go but with #bathbookbed routine, we’re definitely seeing an improvement. To read more, click here.

*Disclaimer: this post is part of the TOTS100 #bathbookbed blogger challenge in conjunction with The Book Trust. All views are my own – my baby really is a crap sleeper.

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