My mini fashionista

I honestly had no preference on gender when I was pregnant. I had a huge bump (9lb 12 baby!) so I was convinced that we were having a boy and I was happy with that. I must admit though, a small part of me was delighted when we saw she was a little girl and the main reason for that is…the outfits! It’s terribly shallow of me to admit that but I love shopping for my little girl. When I was young, I would spend hours dressing up my Barbie dolls in different outfits and then when I became a teenager and beyond, I loved fashion for myself. But because we don’t have mountains of space and babies grow out of clothes and shoes at the speed of light, I try not to buy too much and it’s harder than you’d think to create a capsule wardrobe for a one-year-old. I think one of the main reasons for this are clothing sets. They seem like such a good idea. Buy a lovely little tunic top with a pair of leggings/tights and matching hat included. It sometimes works out cheaper than buying the outfits individually, but not always. Also the outfits can only really be worn together. For example, I got the Queen a gorgeous pale pink Bambie top from The Disney Store with matching ‘woodland’ printed leggings. Together, it’s a really sweet outfit but if I pair the leggings with another top, it looks mad. I know this won’t bother most people. After all, she’s running around all day getting grubby but I still want her to look semi presentable. The same goes for tights – that bright pink pair with neon stars look great with that one cream dress, but not with anything else. I wouldn’t personally buy a pair of jeans that I could only wear with one top so it’s annoying that childen’s clothes come like this. The upshot is that she has drawers stuffed full of stupidly patterned leggings and tights that match one top each. So I’ve stopped buying these sets unless the leggings or tights attached are nice and plain and I’m slowly building up a good captule wardrobe for her.

Shoes are a pain too. Like most new mums, I’ve been scared into buying her ‘proper shoes’ while her feet are still growing and it seems like Clarks are one of the best options. But why must they be so expensive?! Tiny amounts of leather are used and they cost more than a decent pair of heels from Zara. So far, I’ve succumbed and have bought her three pairs of shoes from Clarks and despaired as she’s grown out of them all (she has chubby little feet) so when it came time to buy her some summer sandals, I decided to look further afield. Another reason for this is the poor choice of sandals in Clarks. I didn’t expect hundress of options but I really didn’t care for the clumpy, frumpy offering from Clarks in the way of sandals for little girls. Especially at £32 a pair. I ended up finding a lovely little white pair in soft leather with adjustable straps over the toes and round the ankles (her feet can be as chubby as she likes!) for the princely sum of £9.99 in TK Max. It definitely pays to shop around for kids’ clothes. Knowing my luck, she’ll grow up to be a tomboy!


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