life's a beach at one

Life’s a beach when you’re only one

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I’m not sure who I’m apolgising to but I suppose anyone who has has read this more than once might be wondering where I’d gone. It’s been a busy few weeks. I got a fancy new job and went on a family holiday so I’ve neglected my poor blog. But the holiday is what I wanted to talk about today. It was wonderful but any trip that involves air travel, hot weather and food that’s a bit different is never going to be completely smooth sailing is it?
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I’m pretty sure that every new mother’s maintenance levels drop a bit when they have children. Even the most tan-obsessed, makeup addicts among us just don’t have the time once their demanding little darlings arrive. Even though my maintenance levels weren’t too high to begin with, they’re at an all time low at the moment.

If you were to ask my husband, he would insist I was high maintenance. However, his idea of high maintenance and mine are very, very different. He was be shocked if I was ever to become actually high maintenance. Instead I’m more middle maintenance, if that’s a thing. I wouldn’t claim to be low maintenance but I’m definitely not high. But like I said, I’m lower at the moment, kind of a lower-middle. View Post

One of my first thoughts when I became a parent was, ‘finally I can embrace my love of Disney without embarrassment’! For years, whenever I would go to Disneyland Paris or Disney World in Florida, I would always play it down. ‘Yes we’re going on a trip to Paris. We may stop by Disneyland, if we have time,’ I would say, or ‘we’re doing a tour of Florida, we’ll be spending a few days in Miami and then we might stop by Orlando and do a few parks.’ When in all honestly, the sole purpose of the trips were Disney, Disney, Disney!

My husband and I are big kids at heart and having a ready-made excuse to go to theme parks is a dream come true. Thankfully, our one-year-old loves Disney (like she has a choice) so now we do it for her (ahem…).

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