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Peppa needs to kick the habit

Peppa needs to kick the habit!

Don’t you hate it when people without children judge parents? You know the ones who are scandalised at the sight of a dummy and tut when they see a toddler being handed an iPad to keep them quiet? I’m afraid to admit this but I was one of those people. Honestly I was so smug when I was pregnant, I was going to be one of those mums who only gave my little darling organic home-made food and would stick to a strict bed time routine. Ha! A lot of the things I said I would ‘never do’ I now do on the daily. Not all of it is ideal but they keep our little family happy (and sane!). Here are some of the things I said I wouldn’t do as a mum but totally do!

Put a dummy in it

I never thought I would give her a dummy. I really didn’t. I actually didn’t buy any when I was pregnant and thought that the best way to wean her off the dummy was to not give her one in the first place. All good in theory. However, day three of having a screaming newborn in the house had me scrambling in the kitchen trying to find the little Tommy Tippee pacifier that came free in a bottle set. She took to it immediately and it calmed her down. Now, at 19-months-old, I’m afraid she still hasn’t kicked the habit, although it is reserved for bedtime and naps. But as long as she needs that little plastic teat to help her sleep, I’ll let her have it.

Give in to the pig

I really disliked Peppa Pig before I became a mum. Firstly, I thought (and still do) that she is drawn very crudely. Peppa and her family remind me of a certain male body part that was always scribbled on school jotters. I genuinely think that the artists are having a big laugh. But also, Peppa just seemed like such a brat. Whenever I watched a clip it was always poor Daddy Pig getting abuse from his phallic-faced daughter and she never got a proper scolding. When my little Queen started taking an interest in TV, we switched it on and she loved it straight away. I don’t know what it is but no other kids’ show has had the same affect and, I must admit, it’s grown on me too.

Share my bed

I thought co-sleeping was for hippie, new age parents and definitely wasn’t for me. But with my husband and I both working most days, sleep is so important – no matter what. The Queen often wakes up in the middle of the night (if it’s past 2am I count it as morning) and wants to come in for a cuddle with mum and dad. I used to really worry that this was setting her on the wrong path and that we would never get her out again but, to be honest, I’ve stopped stressing so much. I love cuddling in with her and we get such a lovely night’s sleep when we’re all together. She definitely won’t want to share her bed with me when she’s older so I’m enjoying it while I can.

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