Am I Prada or Primark?

As a working mum, I sometimes find it hard to be stylish. Gone are the days where I could spend my Saturdays leisurely browsing the shops in town or my evenings soaking in a nice bath with the latest copy of Grazia. As a result, I feel a bit behind. The typical ‘mum uniform’ seems to be comfy jeans, a t-shirt and Converse and although I love that look (I own two pairs of the latter) I don’t want to give up on my fashionable days quite yet and I try to keep up with the youngsters as much as I can (urgh, using the work ‘youngster’ makes me feel 100).

I also don’t have as much money as I used to. Kids are dammed expensive, so as much as it pains me, I’m much more high street than high end these days. This is why I rejoiced when I found a pair of the Primark mules everyone is going nuts for in my size. Ignoring my friend’s comment that they looked like ‘granny slippers’ I skipped off to the checkout happy to part with £8 on my new faux designer purchase. In case you haven’t heard, these mules are near identical to Prada mules at a fraction of the cost. Stylish and frugal? How could I resist?

The shoes look super cute but are so impractical. I knew better not to wear them on a mummy day so I thought I’d debut the shoes on a day trip to London. I was only there for one meeting. A quick flight, train and Tube and I’d be there. But as is always the way when I travel to the Big Smoke, I ended up walking miles more than I’m used to and rushing to the airport because everything is always further away than I think it is.

Wearing cheap, backless shoes on a day like that was always going to be a bad idea. The soles were hard, my feet were aching after only an hour and the stupid things keep slipping off!

More than once I almost got hit by a bus trying to retrieve a mule from the road and in Gatwick Airport, fearing I’d miss my flight, I gave up and took them off, sprinting barefoot through the terminal. My stylish girl-about-town look was slightly ruined by doing that.

So I tried, and failed, to be stylish. But I think that actually I’m more Prada than Primark after all.

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