why I miss the non-walking days

The Queen started walking in January – just after her first birthday. We were all thrilled to watch her take her first wobbly steps into the unknown but as toddling became the norm, I must admit that a part of me missed the immobile days.

Don’t get me wrong, I was super proud that she had reached this stage with no issues but days just became exhausting. Extremely exhausting.

Now the Queen was hard work as a newborn, she wasn’t the absolute worst but she slept very little and cried a lot. But when she hit three months, she was like a different child, a delight to be around. She was just smiley all the time, took regular naps and was happy to coo and giggle in her pram most of the day. Some people find maternity leave hard work but for me, when she was at that stage, it was honestly a breeze. The Queen and I would have lovely days together where we we meet friends (my friends – I wasn’t hanging around with other babies) for leisurely lunches, wander round the shops and even go to the cinema. It was like one big holiday. Walking changed everything.

I’m now one of those mums who can’t go anywhere nice for lunch without fear that her child will run around like a maniac annoying other diners and throw food all over the floor. I’m the mum who now has to check days out in advance for nearby soft play/parks options. I hate being that mum.

I recently met two friends who happen to be mums for coffee and cake. As their three month old and six month old sat obediently in their buggies while we had a gossip, the Queen had spotted the park outside and would not sit still for all the cake in the world (believe me, I tried). While the other two and their lovely non-walking babies had a good old catch up, I spent the day running around after a one-year-old with a penchant for running up slides!

Leisurely lunches are out, soft play dates are in. God help me.

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