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life's a beach at one

Life’s a beach when you’re only one

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I’m not sure who I’m apolgising to but I suppose anyone who has has read this more than once might be wondering where I’d gone. It’s been a busy few weeks. I got a fancy new job and went on a family holiday so I’ve neglected my poor blog. But the holiday is what I wanted to talk about today. It was wonderful but any trip that involves air travel, hot weather and food that’s a bit different is never going to be completely smooth sailing is it?

We learned pretty quickly that the best way to cope is to just give in. We let her win. It made everyone’s holiday that little bit nicer for everyone and it really was a break from day-to-day life including routine, strict bedtimes and limited iPhone/dummy time. All the rules went out the window on holiday. We chose to go to Menorca because the flight time is short, the island is small and is renowned for being child friendly throughout.


A slide with a view

This was mostly true with a few exceptions. Our hotel was in the historic town of Mahon and was it stunning. It overlooked the magnificent harbour, we had a fantastic room and breakfast was to die for (morning Cava anyone?). However, the hotel did seem to be a favourite among couples and wasn’t quite as family friendly as we would have liked. Yes the staff were amazing and there was a cot and kids’ pool but we did get a bit stressed out at breakfast time when the Queen decided to have her morning meltdown. I think because she’s used to eating her wheatabix (possibly the only cereal the hotel didn’t offer) and then being let loose to play with toys either at nursery, home or one of her two grandparents’ houses. But on holiday she was expected to lesisurely eat toast and fruit at the same pace as the adults (and mummy wanted to savour her Cava) so she would cry and make a fuss resulting in many eye rolls and tuts from fellow guests. As the week wore on we gave in and started to bring down the iPad with us for non-stop Peppa Pig to keep her quiet. We gave in on a few other things too. We would usually get her ready for bed before going out for dinner each evening and bring her milk bottle with the hope that she could have her milk in her buggy after dinner and drift off leaving us free to wander the island and get more Cava! However, with the excitement of being away, that was rarely the case and she would end up being awake until about 10pm each night, sleeping in the same bed as mummy and daddy and being full of ice cream. As soon as we accepted that we would have to give her the dummy more, let her eat ice-cream and allow her to watch cartoons on the iPhone at dinner, we had had an amazing time. Holidays are not the time to be strict or stick to a routine. The next time we go away, I won’t even try to implement one. I’m just going to go with the flow.

holiday naps

Nap time means Cava time!

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