An egg hunt for one-year-olds!


I’m not a crafty mum. I wish I was but I’m not. My strengths lie elsewhere, like making really good pasta sauce or knowing all the words to Disney songs. But no matter, I’m lucky enough to be friends and neighbours with a very crafty mum who had the idea of putting on an Easter Egg hunt for our little darlings. I live in a steading conversion so there are only 14 houses – six of which are occupied by young children – and the communial courtyard was the perfect place.

As my little Queen is only 15 months, we didn’t want to stuff her full of chocolate (although I know she would like that!) so instead we filled bright plastic eggs with fun little toys and marshmallows. When I say ‘we’ I mean my crafty mum neighbours, I just bought some plastic chicks and helped eat the Queen’s marshmallows.

Hurrah for crafty mum friends!



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