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I know I said this last time but sorry for not blogging! I have the same problem as every working mum of just not having enough time. I’m trying to find a balance and it’s hard. I recently took a fancy new job – something I’ve wanted for a while – with full time hours. The office is close to home and I work compressed hours to finish at lunch times on a Thursday but still, it’s a lot. I miss the Queen. She’s a such a lovely age where she is a joy to be around – I say that as a working mum, I’m sure as a full-time mum I would have a different story but again, it all comes down to balance. View Post

Peppa needs to kick the habit

Peppa needs to kick the habit!

Don’t you hate it when people without children judge parents? You know the ones who are scandalised at the sight of a dummy and tut when they see a toddler being handed an iPad to keep them quiet? I’m afraid to admit this but I was one of those people. Honestly I was so smug when I was pregnant, I was going to be one of those mums who only gave my little darling organic home-made food and would stick to a strict bed time routine. Ha! A lot of the things I said I would ‘never do’ I now do on the daily. Not all of it is ideal but they keep our little family happy (and sane!). Here are some of the things I said I wouldn’t do as a mum but totally do!

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I’m pretty sure that every new mother’s maintenance levels drop a bit when they have children. Even the most tan-obsessed, makeup addicts among us just don’t have the time once their demanding little darlings arrive. Even though my maintenance levels weren’t too high to begin with, they’re at an all time low at the moment.

If you were to ask my husband, he would insist I was high maintenance. However, his idea of high maintenance and mine are very, very different. He was be shocked if I was ever to become actually high maintenance. Instead I’m more middle maintenance, if that’s a thing. I wouldn’t claim to be low maintenance but I’m definitely not high. But like I said, I’m lower at the moment, kind of a lower-middle. View Post


Me and the bride-to-be

I don’t know if it’s just me but ever since I became a mum, I can’t just ‘go out’. I don’t mean that we struggle to get a babysitter or that the Queen will only settle for me, it’s just that I feel like I can’t. If I really wanted to, I could go for after work drinks once a week, every week and my husband could do the same on alternate nights but, even though we’d only miss out on seeing our little one for a couple of hours (and a lot of nights she ends up in our bed anyway) we just don’t do it. And the reason is guilt. I feel guilty for wanting to go out and be away from my child. I feel guilty for spending money on dinners and taxi fares instead of putting it towards a family outing and just generally feel like I can’t do these things anymore. I used to think Catholic guilt was bad but it’s got nothing on mum (or parent) guilt.

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As a working mum, I sometimes find it hard to be stylish. Gone are the days where I could spend my Saturdays leisurely browsing the shops in town or my evenings soaking in a nice bath with the latest copy of Grazia. As a result, I feel a bit behind. The typical ‘mum uniform’ seems to be comfy jeans, a t-shirt and Converse and although I love that look (I own two pairs of the latter) I don’t want to give up on my fashionable days quite yet and I try to keep up with the youngsters as much as I can (urgh, using the work ‘youngster’ makes me feel 100). View Post